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Signing up at 16

1st May 2013

A revealing three part series follows a group of 16 year old boys and girls throughout a year of training at The Army Foundation College, Harrogate.

Britain has the youngest army in Europe, no other European country allows its citizens to join the army before they can drive legally or cast a vote.  Reporter Penny Marshall finds out what it takes to turn teenagers into soldiers who are both physically and mentally ready to fight, and even to die, for their country.


Ep 1: `The Shock of Capture', 11am on Monday 13 May

Ep 2: `The Realities of War', 11am on Monday 20 May

Ep 3: `Graduation and the Future', 11am on Monday 27 May


Presenter: Penny Marshall

Producer: Melissa Fitzgerald


A Blakeway Production for BBC Radio 4